There Are Now Some Even Better Sex Toys For Men

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The future of male sex toys is here, and after lagging behind women’s sex aids for decades, there are finally some decent toys worth buying if you’re a guy.

Say hello to the revolutionary Pulse II, a toy that has five different vibrating patterns, nine speeds and is waterproof – oh, and has also won awards for it’s quality.

The Pulse II isn’t like a fleshlight, which is trying to replicate sex with a woman, and acts as a vagina, but more a toy to increase the experience of masturbation.

UNILAD sex toy men3 There Are Now Some Even Better Sex Toys For Men

reator Adam Lewis claimed:

It’s not like a blowjob, and it’s not like a vagina. It’s a completely unique sensation in orgasm.

The guy that has a Fleshlight, it’s like saying if he wasn’t a woman, he can’t get one, so that’s why he has a Fleshlight.

That’s how people would see it. But if a woman has a Rabbit under her bed, you wouldn’t make that association, because the Rabbit doesn’t replace a guy. It’s a different experience.

The ‘guybrator’ will not suck or stroke the penis, it will oscillate, as the ‘wearer slides it over his penis and a pulsing plate will tap against it, making it hard and ultimately bringing it to orgasm’.