This Is Why Tinder Is So Damn Addictive

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This Is Why Tinder Is So Damn Addictive tinder3

Tinder? Yeah you know exactly what I’m on about, you were probably swiping away happily before you clicked on this article.


Alongside Candy Crush, Tinder has become the go-to activity for phone lovers everywhere. We all know people who can’t stop swiping, it might be you.

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But before you worry too much, it really isn’t your fault. Tinder, like Candy Crush, was designed to be an incredibly addictive game.

When you go up a level on Candy Crush for example, your brain gives you a tiny reward in the form of dopamine –  a neurotransmitter that allows you to feel pleasure.


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And it’s the same with Tinder. When you say yes and get a match you want to recreate that feeling of instant gratification. You continue swiping and swiping until those minutes turn into hours, then into sleepless nights.

Most Tinder users don’t even think they’ll find love on the app and only do it because they’re bored, with no intention of meeting any potential matches in real life. A recent survey claimed that 42 per cent of these users aren’t even single, Mashable reports.

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What makes the dating app so attractive to users is the fact it replicates dating in real life and can offer a quick fix if people want nothing serious. You’re simply picking up on a person’s appearance and none of the nitty gritty stuff.

Here’s a little video to explain it in a bit more detail, courtesy of the guys from Mashable:

Who said romance is dead?