This Model Is ‘Outing’ Men Who Send Her D*ck Pics To Their Girlfriends

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Like many woman on the internet, Emily Sears is bombarded with hundreds of disgusting proper grim pics.

The L.A.-based model – originally from Australia – regularly shares snaps of her photo shoots and selfies on social media, which has built her a big following of fans.

But she gets at least one or two dick pics a day, at the very minimum. It’s pretty inappropriate, grim and doesn’t really make much sense.

This Model Is Outing Men Who Send Her D*ck Pics To Their Girlfriends PA 25362213 1PA

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Emily said:

It’s just been consistently happening for so long. I became absolutely fed up with these kinds of disturbing and disgusting messages and comments online.

So one day, she came up with a brilliant way to respond- by letting the girlfriends of the men sending the nude photos know how their partner was behaving online.

Need to shoot w @brianbhayes again!❤️

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If a guy sends her a dick pic, she’ll take a look at his profile and browse through his photos and posts to find out if he’s in a relationship and then message his girlfriend to let them know what they have been up to.

Just to give them the heads up, she lets them know what she plans to do with the dick pics and funnily enough their response is normally one of pure terror.

Emily’s friend, Laura Luxx has also got involved and is using the same method to combat these dick pic senders. She says their techniques act as a reminder for the men ‘to have respect for women.’

Since going public about her intentions on how she will deal with dick pics, it’s not too surprising that there have been a lot less penis photos flooding her inbox. She adds: “I think my followers are slowly getting the message.”

Dark side ⛅️

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Laura told BuzzFeed:

I actually find it really absurd that men are still sending unsolicited dick pics to women considering how much dialogue there has been about how much we don’t like it and how inappropriate it is. I’ve never heard a woman say, ‘Really? I love opening my inbox to dick pics from random guys! It totally makes me want to have sex with them!’ And yet, they’re still doing it with an alarming frequency.

Yeah, that’s pretty weird. This isn’t just happening to models with a big following either…

Forcing unsolicited nudity is just not okay and it’s part of a much broader problem.


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