University Bans Energy Drinks Because ‘They Promote Risky Sex’

By : Ben Hayward |


energy1Ben Hayward | UNILAD

A U.S University has taken the controversial step of banning energy drinks on campus amid claims they ‘promote risky sexual activity’.

According to a university in Vermont the caffeine-laden drinks which are popular among students working long hours to complete last-minute essays are promoting ‘problematic behaviour’ like risky sex and alcohol abuse, reports Medical Daily.

The problem has got so bad at Middlebury College that they will ban the sale of all energy drinks from 7th March. However the decision has been met with some criticism.


Fourth-year student Arnav Adhikari, who works at the college cafe, told NBC:

There are more important things for them to address. And what do energy drinks have to do with sexual activity?

Surprisingly, it looks like Middlebury may actually have some evidence to support their ban.

A study published in Nutrition Review found sexual risk-taking, including having unprotected sex and having sex under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, was more common among those who consumed caffeinated energy drinks.

energy2Ben Hayward | UNILAD

Another study from the University of Buffalo suggested mixing energy drinks with alcohol increased the number of drunken hookups or casual sex among college students.

Energy drinks have also been linked to health effects such as increased blood pressure, disturbed heart rhythm, and an increase in brain injuries.


Dan Detora, executive director of dining hall services at Middlebury, told NBC:

I see it as the equivalent of banning cigarettes.

On campus, healthier alternatives to energy drinks, such as Guayaki Yerba Mate, will be available for those seeking an energy boost however students will still be able to buy the drinks off campus.


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