We’ve Been Sexting Wrong All Along

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Weve Been Sexting Wrong All Along sexting5adelaidenow.com.au

According to Buzzfeed‘s recently conducted ‘sexting’ poll almost half of people are going about sending their naughty little teasers in completely the wrong way. 

The Ultimate Sext Poll found that 47 per cent of the 100,000 people that were asked hadn’t ever sent a nude picture of themselves, displaying a distinct lack of commitment to the sexting cause.

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The most popular platform for sexting was Snapchat, with most people preferring there not to be a permanent visual record of their most intimate parts while the second most popular medium is actual text messages. Around one per cent choose to do it through Google Hangouts – getting all hot under the collar at work guys? Most shocking of all – especially for the people on the receiving end of them – a whopping 88 per cent of people have sexted the wrong person.

The survey also reveals who people have been sexting with, interesting. Just over a quarter of those who responded (27 per cent) said they’ve sent naughty pics to someone they’ve never even met in real life and even though most people only send nudes to people they’re in a committed relationship with, nearly a quarter have sent snaps of themselves au naturel to people they’re just hooking up with.

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In another twist, the figures have also revealed that one third of those surveyed have ‘recycled’ at least one of their rude photos, meaning they sent the same picture to more than one individual.

So it looks like those who are doing it right are really doing it right, the rest of you need to seriously up your game to have any chance of making it to the top of the sexting world.


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