Wife Tries To Seduce Husband, Discovers Different Kind Of Spark

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Everyone loves sex, and more to the point, everyone needs it.

That’s why when one woman went three weeks without getting any, because her kids were always in the house and adulting got in the way, she decided enough was enough.

The lady in question decided to seduce her husband, who was at home doing some work, but things didn’t go to plan. At all.

Wife Tries To Seduce Husband, Discovers Different Kind Of Spark sex

The woman took to Reddit, and the Today I Fucked Up thread to explain.

She explained:

So the obligatory this didn’t actually happen today, but Tuesday.

Our kids finally went back to school after the break, and we had the house to ourselves.

Husband was doing paperwork online before going in to work. He came out into the living room to talk with me. I decided I’d try and be playful and take advantage of the empty house.

I crawled seductively across the room to try and get him to play. Well, what I forgot is, that it’s winter and there’s absolutely no humidity.

So static everywhere. Once I got to him, I was kneeling and he bent down to kiss me. I thought “Hell yeah! I am a goddess and this is going to be awesome!” I mean, we haven’t had sex out of our room, let alone during daylight hours for over 3 weeks because of the kids always being around.

Wife Tries To Seduce Husband, Discovers Different Kind Of Spark sex1

As he bent down, his nose brushed mine.

All of that charge I built up crawling across the room then jumped from me to him and went up through his eye! He said he actually saw the flash! The pain abruptly ended any desire right then and there.

And not only that, it caused his eye to twitch for the rest of the morning.

TLDR: I tried to seduce husband by crawling across the floor, but instead shocked him so bad that he was left with a twitching eye and no desire for sex.

So basically, she didn’t get any and her husband was left moaning, and not in the way he wanted to be.


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