Woman Duped Into Sleeping With Lesbian Dressed As Man Speaks Out After Attacker Walks Free

By : Ben Hayward |



A woman who was fooled into having sex with a lesbian posing as a man has talked of her ‘anxiety and depression’ and blasted a judge for letting her attacker walk free from court.

Carol Sanders, 28, said she had been left a “victim of a sex attack and political correctness” by Judge Michael Heath’s decision after he handed her attacker, Fiona Manson – now transexual Kyran Lee – a two-year suspended sentence stating: “It must have been enormously difficult for the defendant growing up.”


Carol spoke out about the ‘soft’ punishment – her case came just weeks after another woman was jailed for eight years for a similar crime – telling The Sun:

How can one person be jailed for eight years but my sex attacker just walks out of court? We were both raped to all intents and purposes. It makes my skin crawl. I thought for the first time in years I would feel safe and be able to sleep at night. But instead he’s back out on the street.

Even though the pair had intercourse, Carol says she thought it was ‘just awkward sex’ but didn’t care because she was with a ‘really nice guy’ but she admits that looking back now it is clear that Lee was concerned she would work out he was using a fake penis.

Lee’s true identity was uncovered when Carol’s mum saw her working at the local McDonald’s, complete with a woman’s name on her badge. “The pain was excruciating, said Carol. “I couldn’t sleep or eat. I had to get rid of all my furniture and clothes. For two years I was housebound. I suffered from anxiety and depression.”


Lee, walked free from Lincoln crown court after admitting assault by penetration, with Judge Heath saying Lee’s behaviour “was not a ruse to practise lesbian behaviour.” Carol disagrees, she thinks Lee is simply ‘hiding’ behind gender issues and knew exactly what he was doing, saying he still ‘creepily grins’ at her if the pair bump into each other.

She is equally angry at plans for her attacker to be granted a sex change on the NHS:

I know everyone is entitled to health but a free sex change when you’re a convicted sex offender? As a victim that feels very perverse and wrong.


Sentencing guidelines from the Crown Prosecution Service state sex by penetration offenders can face up to life in prison. However in a recent similar case Gayle Newland, of Cheshire, got eight years in prison for having sex with a woman using a fake penis, although campaigners argue that psychiatric care, rather than jail time should be considered.


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