50 Cent Takes The P*ss Out Of Kanye West’s Hospitalisation On Instagram

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50 Cent Takes The P*ss Out Of Kanye Wests Hospitalisation On Instagram FiddyWEBTHUMB 1200x800Getty

50 Cent is not one to let his lyrics do the talking – thankfully. Instead, the rapper prefers to air his gripes on social media accounts.

This time, Fiddy’s comments are aimed at none other than Kanye West, who was rushed to hospital this morning ‘for his own health and safety’.

After a tumultous few days of cancelling the Pablo tour, slamming Beyonce and supporting Trump, rumours have been circulated – largely by celebrity gossip website TMZ – about Kayne undergoing ‘psychiatric evaluation’.

Damn? what the fuck is going on. ? #EFFENVODKA LOL

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Apparently the news was enough to make Fiddy laugh out loud as he posted a headline grabbed from TMZ alongside the caption, ‘Damn. What the fuck is going on. #EFFENVODKA LOL’.

Obviously, Kanye fans and people who are opposed to mocking mental illness reacted as expected – with various degrees of sensitivity, anger and sadness.

One man, who may have missed the point directed his anger right back at Fiddy, writing:

You can’t even laugh bro… Wouldn’t nobody care if it happened to ya.

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Another said:

It’s so sad to see people judging someone they don’t know and will never know. It’s equally sad to see 50 constantly laughing at people’s pain & misery. Cold world.

Another, in response to the flood of Kardashian-themed comments, wrote:

Ya ignorant fucks… This man had issues way before the Kardashians. His mom passing away pushed him to the edge and guess what?

He’s probably holding all that shit in and, like any normal person, everyone has their braking point… This might be his! Ya should fuck off and have an open mind! We are all humans that make mistakes over and over again!

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If you think you’re suffering from déjà vu, I’m afraid you’re mistaken.

This is not the first time 50 Cent has poked fun at mental illness or disability. Earlier this year, he published a video mocking a airport staff member with a disability.

It’s also not the first time Fiddy has promoted his own brand of EFFEN vodka through unsavoury means – at the launch party earlier this year, the rapper was widely criticised for simulating a sex act with a statue… As you do.

I'm not here to make friends. you come around me playing if you want to,I'm here on business.

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Whatever your opinion on the divisive force of nature that is Kanye West, mental illness does not discriminate. It can affect anyone – and it’s not to be taken lightly.

Our thoughts are with Yeezy at this difficult time.


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