‘Asia’s Sexiest DJ’ Angie Vu Talks About Her Time In U.S. Prison

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Asias Sexiest DJ Angie Vu Talks About Her Time In U.S. Prison dj1 1angievuha/Instagram

The fate of ‘Asia’s sexiest DJ’ now lies in the hands of U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, apparently.

32-year-old Angie Vu was arrested in November 2015 by U.S. officials after attempting to board a plane bound for China from JFK Airport, reports the Daily Mail.

Vu was allegedly trying to flee to China with her nine-year-old daughter, before then planning to return to her home nation of Vietnam.

Her daughter was reportedly supposed to return to France at the end of August to be reunited with her father in France, who legally has custody of the child.

However, France are now calling for the former Playboy Playmate to be extradited to Europe in order to face parental abduction charges.

The decision of whether or not that request will be granted now lies with Kerry.

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Vu was denied bail and has remained in the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn, with around 100 other women in her dormitory ever since.

She told NY Daily News that the Bible has provided comfort during that time.

She said:

A lot of lesbians around here and a few blondies are hitting on me.

But I prefer to read my Bible for now.

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Vu also told NY Daily News:

I tried my best not to get in any fight. I thought prison could be much worse, though. Only saw prison on TV, I was ready for gang rape, getting beaten up and vowed to protect my face at all cost. So my social skills became handy.

I realised how tough I am. I thought I couldn’t last for two days and it’s now three months. I came to God and got saved so I spent time to pray and read the Bible, too.

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Her daughter is currently living in France with her father Richard Froger.

The DJ has a hearing scheduled for Wednesday February 10.