Girl Sings Beautiful Song Composed From ‘Sexts’ She’s Received

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This incredible song’s lyrics are made from real life sexts that its singer received.

It’s called Texts From A Beta, and it was wonderfully composed by GDI Productions. The song’s surprisingly good seeing as its lyrics are made up entirely of gross sext messages that the girl received from a frat guy she’d met.

The explicit messages are apparently all from a member of Beta Theta Pi fraternity at Vanderbilt University.

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The video’s YouTube description promises that all of the lyrics in the song are real, word for word consensual texts sent to a young woman by a frat guy.

The lyrics may not be traditionally romantic, but they probably deserve a nomination at the 2016 Grammys for originality alone.

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Here are the lyrics in their full glory:

I need you to greet me with your mouth wide open

I’m so hungover, I need to fuck

Wanna get filled later?

Can you blow me?

Wanna fuck your throat for awhile

Can you take nice D to the throat?

You’re gonna have to suck me real fucking good

There’s gonna be a party in your ass tomorrow

And my cock’s the only one that’s invited

My load plus your face, you’re gonna inhale my dick

I’m gonna fill you good tomorrow

I need you to suck me good

I’m nuttin’ on your face

I just puked, I can’t move

Can you just suck my dick good?

Your loss, I pack heat in hang dong

If I flew the coop every time a chick begged me to walk over and pound her in the ass

instead of doing my homework I’d fail out of school

I need you to greet me with your mouth wide open

I’m so hungover, and need to fuck

When I get there later can you blow me?

I wanna fuck your throat for awhile.

Jesus. What a desperate bastard…