Here’s What Craig David Had To Say About Those Gay Rumours

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Heres What Craig David Had To Say About Those Gay Rumours wsi imageoptim CraigDavidFBGetty

Craig David is back on the music scene, so of course the rumour mill has rewound and sprung back into action like a broken record.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Craig David was asked about loaded rumours of his homosexuality, and filled the interviewer in with the most eloquent and touching response.

He said, ‘I sort of find it weird when people get very ‘No! I’m not gay!’ I mean, are you homophobic in some way? So I’ve always been relaxed when people are not quite sure [about me.]’

I’m no lyrical analyst, but Craig David shot to superstardom by in the early noughties for his trilling vocal and romantic lyrics on classic hits such as 7 Days… Which, as far as I can tell were all about women.

David explained that his flava of preference is undoubtedly female, adding: ‘…Knowing myself, I’m heterosexual and it’s cool.’

He elaborated on his romantic past, condemning one-night stands, ‘Back in the day there were different girls, and it was fun, but I was brought up with basic morals.’

He doled out some advice for fellow Lotharios too:

It doesn’t work, chasing the dream, messing round with loads of girls, burning the candle at both ends.

The rumours about David’s ‘confused sexuality’ spiked when superfan Angus Harisson wrote an article in Noisey, begging for his return to the studio.

Although the speculation clearly don’t bother David, who understands that his sexuality is a private matter, they have followed him throughout his career – simply because he’s never gone public with any of his relationships.

The speculation surrounding David’s sexuality is illustrative of the difficulties talented musicians have keeping their private lives private. God forbid, the public would let their music speak for itself.

Why people think its valid, relevant or indeed, any of their business to discuss the singer’s personal life is beyond me.

All the same, Craig David’s all-embracing response, calling the speculators out for their petty concerns is brilliant. The only thing that would’ve made it any better is if he’d sung the response while doing chin ups, before walking away from all the troubles the interviewer threw his way.