Kanye West Raps ‘Hey Mama’ With His Mother Before She Died

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Kanye West Raps Hey Mama With His Mother Before She Died kanyewebthumb 640x426

A video has emerged of Kanye West and his mother rapping together, before her sudden death in 2007.

Kanye West’s mother passed away in 2007 after cosmetic surgery and since then she has played a large part in inspiring Kanye’s music career, though she undoubtedly still played a huge part in it before her passing.

Prior to her death, Kanye wrote a song titled ‘Hey Mama’, which he regularly performs now. A video has surfaced on the internet of Donda West rapping her favourite verse from the song.

Recently Kanye revealed that his track with Paul McCartney, ‘Only One’, is in dedication to his mother and his daughter North, as the lyrics consist of:

My mom was singing to me, and through me, to my daughter.

Check out the video of Kanye and his mom below: