Kim Kardashian Throws Shade At Taylor Swift Yet Again In New Video

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Kim Kardashian Throws Shade At Taylor Swift Yet Again In New Video kim taylor FBGetty/Snapchat/Instagram

It’s the story that just won’t end – the Kanye West & Kim Kardashian vs Taylor Swift feud just keeps rumbling on and on, with Kim K now throwing yet more shade at TayTay in her latest Snapchat story.

The debate over whether or not Taylor gave Kanye permission to say those lyrics about having sex with her in his song ‘Famous’ – you know, the one with the music video which features a lookalike of her naked in his bed – was escalated further last week by Kim K.

To be fair to Taylor, the part she claims she’s taken issue with is that she was never asked permission for Kanye to refer to her as ‘that bitch’ in the song.

Anyway, Kim published footage of a conversation between Taylor and Kanye West on her Snapchat story, where she allegedly gives her consent for the rapper to include a lyric about her on his track ‘Famous’.

However, having seemingly learned nothing from the absolute shitstorm that caused, Kim’s only gone and used her Snapchat to have another dig at Taylor.

According to the Huffington Post, on Saturday, Kim shared a video with her followers which shows her lip synching to that part of the track during a night out in Las Vegas with friend Carla DiBello.

She quickly deleted the video afterwards because, apparently, despite breaking it that one time, Kim has no idea how the Internet works as obviously the clip was quickly grabbed, saved and uploaded to a fan Instagram account for all to see.

And, yeah, it does seem weird to actively encourage and publicise lyrics which your husband wrote about having sex with another woman, doesn’t it?

But, hey, that’s none of my business…


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