Music Video Gets Banned For Showing Female Masturbation

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Ever since MTV popularised the concept of the music video, artists have been involved in a musical cold war to see who could create the most outrageous clip but one singer took things so far YouTube was forced to ban it. 

Swedish popstar Tove Lo, 29 shot a 31 minute film called Fairy Dust to promote her new album Lady Wood but YouTube admins thought it was too saucy for their site and took it down.

Despite the film not actually featuring any nudity it does get pretty graphic at times with Lo getting intimate with a lady friend who keeps putting her hand in the singer’s mouth – not exactly my idea of ‘erotic’ but each to their own.

Music Video Gets Banned For Showing Female Masturbation 35761UNILAD imageoptim Tove Lo kissing two people 708095Vevo

In scenes that would make those of a delicate disposition raise their hands to their mouth in shock we then see the singer in bed with a bloke before masturbating in bed.

As she pleasures herself the star, real name Ebba Nilsson, sings: ‘Treat me like a god while you eat my pussy out’, The Daily Star reports.

Unfortunately the admins over at YouTube are a bit prudish when it comes to blatant masturbation and initially took the clip down which annoyed Tove Lo.

Music Video Gets Banned For Showing Female Masturbation 40227UNILAD imageoptim Tove Lo masturbating 708096Vevo

Tove Lo tweeted:

So I did release #FairyDust today but it’s been taken down cause of @YouTubes policies on sexual content. HA. #imnotevennaked.

The explicit video’s been uploaded to Vevo since then and is under an age restriction so anyone who wants to watch the video can find it, providing they’re over 18.

Or capable of lying to YouTube but who’d do that…