Rihanna Can’t Wink, And How Have We Never Noticed This?

By : Kieron CurtisTwitterLogo

Rihanna Cant Wink, And How Have We Never Noticed This? ririVevo

There are many things Rihanna excels at – but winking is not one of them.

As reported by the i100, one eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed the Barbadian music superstar’s struggles and compiled a lengthy list of evidence.

Check it out:

That was one hundred per cent a blink…

And again…

Nearly but not quite!

@NotAgainBen offered an explanation as to where she is going wrong…

That fucking right eye…

Do you think anyone has told her?

Maybe they have but the singer is just determined to land her white whale…

Doesn’t look like it will happen any time soon, mind.

Well, it is hardly hampering her career, but one thing is for certain – you will never again be able to watch a Rihanna video or interview without playing ‘spot the blink’.

Let the games begin!