Woman Who Paid To Kiss Ricky Martin Has Disgusting Secret

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Woman Who Paid To Kiss Ricky Martin Has Disgusting Secret ricky1PA

Ricky Martin recently puckered up and shared a snog with a fan who made a very generous donation to charity – but he may well be regretting the kiss now.

Ana Paola Diniz gave £63,000 to the Puerto Rican pop star’s HIV/AIDS awareness fundraiser in Sao Paulo, reports the Daily Mail.

The pair certainly did not hold back…

But new information has come to light that perhaps would have weakened the gay singer’s vigour.

You see, Diniz is very passionate about animals and runs a high end holiday resort for pets.

The Brazilian makes no secret of that passion, and regularly posts snaps of herself Frenching the animal residents of her business…

Bom dia galera!!!! ❤️??? #malabopetresort #malaboapd @malaboapd

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According to the Mail, Ana and her husband Pedro Bissi charge pet owners up to £960 for a one-month stay at their Malabo pet resort.

In return animals are treated like royalty, receiving two daily massages, two baths, walks, transport in air-conditioned kennels plus a daily Skype session with their owner.

Boa noite meus amores ❤️?? Deus esteja com todos vcs ❤️❤️❤️❤️?? #malabopetresort #malabo #malaboapd #malabozoo #malabocats #malabodogs #malabobirds #animalplanet #malabominizoo #loveanimals #pets #malabodogs #resortfrompets ❤️❤️❤️❤️[email protected] @malabopetresort

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Although he came out as gay six years ago, Martin revealed he would consider having sex with members of the opposite sex.

He told Mexican magazine Fama!

Men captivate me, but I like to enjoy sex with total liberty, which is why I’d would have sex with a woman if I felt that desire.

Although I would not consider having a sentimental relationship with her.

Despite the potential cross contamination of animal saliva, Martin probably didn’t have it as bad as the presenter of Channel 4’s Sex Box.


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