You’ll Never Guess Which Rapper Wrote McDonald’s ‘I’m lovin It’ Jingle

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Youll Never Guess Which Rapper Wrote McDonalds Im lovin It Jingle Mcdonalds 90s logo.svg  1200x800McDonalds/ WIkimedia

One of advertising’s biggest secrets has been revealed, the man behind McDonald’s irritating I’m loving it jingle and you may be surprised at who wrote it.

In an interview with the radio station, WQHT, legendary music executive Steve Stoute revealed that while Justin Timberlake and Pharrell Williams sang and produced the song, it was Pusha T, president of G.O.O.D. Music, who wrote the words to the catchy ditty.

According to Complex, Stoute claims one of the first projects his marketing company, Translation, was given was creating the I’m Lovin’ It tune for McDonald’s back in 2004.

Youll Never Guess Which Rapper Wrote McDonalds Im lovin It Jingle Pusha T 2 1200x800Wikimedia

Pharrell was given the task of creating a fresh song for McDonald’s and Pusha T just happened to be there with the memorable lyrics that went on to renew the then sagging fast-food brand.

Apparently the original song even has a few verses rapped by Pusha himself.

Marketing and rock stars have a long history of working together, the Rolling Stones performed a Rice Krispies jingle while Barry Manilow sang a tune for State Farm’s 1976 Super Bowl commercial.

Unfortunately Manilow only got $500 for the jingle, even though State Farm still use the song to this day.

I’m sure we’ll all sleep a bit better now we know who came up with the song…