Conor McGregor Pulls Out Of Blockbuster Movie To Focus On Fighting

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Conor McGregor Pulls Out Of Blockbuster Movie To Focus On Fighting mcgregor dieselAlex Watt | UNILAD

Being one of the biggest stars in the UFC comes with a lot of perks.

Besides all that sweet cash you’re making, being one of the biggest names in the sport also means you get offered a lot of cool projects outside of your day job, like appearances in blockbuster movies.

However, while Ronda Rousey is taking time out following her shocking loss to Holly Holm to appear in Road House – the remake of the 1989 Patrick Swayze action film – Conor McGregor has taken a different approach after his own stunning defeat to Nate Diaz a couple of weeks back.

According to Brett Okamoto of ESPN, McGregor has reportedly turned down the chance to appear in Vin Diesel’s upcoming XXX sequel.

To be fair, other movie opportunities will be there for McGregor in the future. Complex reports that he has been linked to cameo appearances in Vin Diesel’s other vehicle, the Fast & The Furious franchise, so we’ll probably still see ‘The Notorious’ Irish superstar on the big screen in the future.

Given that McGregor’s loss to Diaz was his first since he stepped into the UFC’s Octagon back in 2013, you can understand why he’s so determined to stay focused and make sure that doesn’t happen again in his next fight.

And he could get the chance to avenge that loss sooner rather than later, with reports that his next fight at UFC 200 could be a rematch with Diaz.

Personally, we’d much rather see McGregor defend his featherweight title against José Aldo or Frankie Edgar next, but there you go…