Tennis Match Interrupted By Couple Having Very loud Sex

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Tennis Match Interrupted By Couple Having Very loud Sex 588 tennisYoutube

The best stroke of this tennis match didn’t come from either of the players it seems, after their match was halted by some intensely loud sex.

The court-side coitus could be heard in between serves, with Frances Tiafoe grinning in amusement when realising what it was.


The Sarasota Open tennis match was disrupted and Tiafoe shouted ‘It can’t be that good’ (about two mins in).


Initially the commentator thought that someone was playing an ‘adult video’ on their phone, but later in the video it becomes clear that a ‘couple with the windows open across the way’ were having a ‘good time’.

Mitchell Krueger tweeted his match partner asking if they were about to go viral… and they did.

Despite the distraction, Tiafoe won 6-3, 6-2, but I think we know who the true winners were.

That’s the first time that hearing love put such a big smile on a tennis player’s face.