Dada 5000 Explains How He ‘Died’ During Kimbo Slice Fight

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Dada 5000 Explains How He Died During Kimbo Slice Fight dada1YouTube

Dada 5000 AKA Dhafir Harris has taken to social media to explain precisely what happened to him during his February bout Kimbo Slice.

The fight had been heralded as one of the worst in MMA history following Bellator 149, but outrage quickly turned to concern as Harris was rushed out of the arena to hospital post defeat.

Harris’ family reported the Miami fighter had suffered severe dehydration and renal failure, and Dada has now confirmed he also suffered two heart attacks.

He posted the following message to Instagram before later deleting it:

As reported by MMA Fighting, the post read:

Yes I trained very hard for this fight and I was in Fighting Shape. But those who knew me they knew that something wasn’t right by the look in my eyes when I stepped into that ring.

Yes I did have kidney failure during the fight I also had 2 heart attacks which I did code aka Died during the Fight.

Dada had cut a reported 40 pounds in the build up to the fight, with his hospitalisation raising serious concerns regarding the pre-fight medical screening of competitors.

Here’s hoping Dada’s recovery continues undisturbed.


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