Five Times The Beautiful Game Turned Ugly In 2015

By : Rebecca KnightTwitterLogo

Five Times The Beautiful Game Turned Ugly In 2015 Marketing Lessons hero

Football this year has provided some seriously amazing moments.

We’ve had Barcelona and Lionel Messi destroying all before them, and scoring some pretty amazing goals en-route to that. Their football might have been mesmerising, but the beautiful game has also thrown up some seriously bad moments in 2015.

With that in mind, here are five times the game turned very ugly indeed.

Five Times The Beautiful Game Turned Ugly In 2015 Sepp

FIFA Corruption exposed

We’ve all known it for years. FIFA is about as corrupt as it comes, and this year, the house of cards came tumbling down for Sepp Blatter and the organisation.

Now Blatter and UEFA man Michel Platini are banned from football for eight years, their dealings under investigation and the sheer amount of dodgy dealings between football’s governing bodies exposed.

Quite where FIFA go from here is anyone’s guess, with elections for leadership just around the corner, but with Euro 2016 and the World Cup in 2018 approaching, they need to restore the public’s faith – and fast.

Five Times The Beautiful Game Turned Ugly In 2015 Racism 009Guardian

Kiev fans and their racism

Racism in football is still a factor, and despite all the campaigns like Kick It Out, fans still disgrace themselves with their chanting.

Dynamo Kiev have now been forced to play games behind closed doors and while Manchester City fans probably weren’t going to make the trip anyway, it’s still firstly not a big enough punishment for such a terrible offence, and secondly, unfair on away fans that they have to miss out for the sake of mindless idiots.

It’s time that point deductions and being thrown out of competitions starts to happen as a real deterrent.

Five Times The Beautiful Game Turned Ugly In 2015 ugly 12 webSky Sports

Jose Mourinho v Eva Carneiro

Undoubtedly one of the contributing factors to the decline of Chelsea’s season and reason Mourinho was sacked.

The Chelsea boss hurled a tirade of abuse at the club’s medical staff and both Jon Fearn and Carneiro were demoted from the bench after the incident.

Allegations of sexism – which Mourinho was cleared of by the FA – were thrown and Chelsea are still involved in legal action over the situation.

Five Times The Beautiful Game Turned Ugly In 2015 lcstMirror

Sex tape problems

Three young and seriously misguided players thought it was a good idea to not only make a sex tape but also to be caught on camera making racial slurs at the women involved.

Making it worse, the tour was designed to promote relations in the Far East, so racial slurs saw the trio sacked by the club – as they should have been.

Nigel Pearson then lost his job as well – but Leicester City haven’t looked back, and now look good shouts for the top four and league title under Claudio Ranieri.

Five Times The Beautiful Game Turned Ugly In 2015 ratsSky Sports

Chelsea fans booing their own players

The three rats who contributed to Jose Mourinho’s downfall certainly copped it against Sunderland.

Cesc Fabregas was wrongly accused, but the rest of the trio deserved all the crowd’s vitriol. Even their other performers, Pedro and Oscar, managed to get ‘where were you when we were shit’. A good question.

Players downing tools and stopping playing for the club is not only shocking but also disgraceful on any level, and the toxic atmosphere at Stamford Bridge doesn’t look like going away anytime soon.