Footage From Idris Elba’s First Pro Kickboxing Fight Prove He’s Got Some Moves

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Footage From Idris Elbas First Pro Kickboxing Fight Prove Hes Got Some Moves 19908UNILAD imageoptim GettyImages 578534632 1Getty

Is there anything Idris Elba can’t do?

As one of the coolest men on the planet, Idris has done everything from starring in some of the biggest films and TV shows in the world, to obliterating the DJ and Hip Hop world under DJ Big Driis.

Christ he’s even featured in the TIME 100 list of the most influential people in the world, Idris Elba has it all and can do it all.

He’s played Nelson Mandela, Shere Khan, and the notorious Tango in American Gangster, but now Idris has put his hands (and feet) to kickboxing.

Idris Elba Smashes it at York Hall! ?????

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Over the weekend, Elba obliterated his opponent at York Hall – throwing some serious big shots into the chest and face of his clearly exhausted opponent.

As I’m sure you can tell just by watching the short clip, Idris was victorious.

Fighting at one of the most famous boxing venues in the UK, the crowd was rife with a whole host of big names including none other than Madonna – who Elba has opened for in the past.

Two weeks left. For my Chuuus.

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Elba took to the ring in preparation for his upcoming documentary Fighter which will see him trying out a handful of combat sports.

Admittedly it’s only the start of his pro-kick boxing career, despite being 44-years-old, but at the end of the day, Idris Elba is one guy I would not want to face in the ring…


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