Shocking New Details About Paedophile Football Coach Emerge

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More chilling details have come out about the paedophile football coach, Barry Bennell who abused young footballers in the 80s.

The Mirror has reported that Bennell worked in a children’s home for two years, before moving onto coaching. During that time, he would ‘smuggle,’ the kids into Old Trafford to watch Manchester United and sexually abuse them, an ex-pupil revealed.

The home Bennell worked at was Taxal Edge in Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire and police are now investigating Bruce McLean, who was also a member of staff with the disgraced coach.

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The ex-pupil also revealed how the paedophile would apparently breed, ‘huge,’ rabbits and sell them, saying, ‘it was very strange.’

His abuse spanned from 1978-1992 as he roamed the country, picking up young boys aged 9-14 for junior football teams.

Disturbingly, the boys would either stay with him or he’d take them on tour, which is when the offences happened.

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In 1990, McLean who was third in charge at the home, set up a charity called Adventure Farm Trust, to create a place for sick, disabled and disadvantaged children to visit.

It was supported by celebrities such as Phil Collins, Sir Michael Caine, footballer Bryan Robson and ex-England cricket captain Michael Atherton.

However, in 1997, McLean was jailed for nine years, for assaulting children whilst at the home and in 1998 Bennell was also jailed for nine years, for 23 charges of sexual abuse against six boys aged 9-15.

Jill Sheldrake, of Together Trust behind the home, said:

We fully supported the police when they investigated Bennell in the 1990s.

Our priority now, as always, is ensuring that we offer the highest quality of care to our young people so they live the lives they choose.

The disgusting case reared its head again, when former footballers who were abused by Bennell waived their anonymity and spoke out about what they went through.

This catalysed Crewe Alexandra FC’s independent review, into how the sexual abuse allegations were dealt with.

Investigative reporter Mark Williams-Thomas,who exposed the Jimmy Savile case said:

Until now abuse within sport has been largely ignored yet the problem is enormous, affecting many thousands of victims.

I also run a child protection and risk management consultancy and have worked for most of the major and some of the smaller sports governing bodies at some stage, including the FA.

I have worked with these sports to prevent more than 60 dangerous offenders, coaches, officials and volunteers, from being able to work with children.

This has on occasions been unpopular with some within the sports, especially when the individual is popular and central to the running of a club or team.

Yet having worked with so many sports, what is concerning is how they all differ so considerably in the way they manage child protection cases.

So much so that even now some sports make it much easier for child abusers to gain access to offend against children.

Offenders up until 2000 identified ease of access to children through sport and the weaknesses in sports governing bodies’ policies and procedures which created a rich ground for sex abuse – coaches picking up and taking child alone to events, to their homes and even getting changed alongside them.

Sport has been ignored as a place where paedophiles get close to children and abuse them.

Child abusers are devious and often clever. They are almost always respectable and approachable and they use this to fulfil the two elements to offending behaviour: Access to children and the opportunity to offend.

We need a dedicated helpline not just funded by the wealthy FA but one for all of the sports.

This revelation is bigger than the Savile case but it’s different. Abuse in sport involves thousands of victims and hundreds of offenders. It’s massive.

Police are currently still investigating and more details are still being pieced together surrounding this troubling case.