Internet Reacts To Raheem Sterling Turning Up For Training

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Internet Reacts To Raheem Sterling Turning Up For Training sterlingLiverpool Echo

Raheem Sterling and his transfer saga has dominated not only the back pages but also the internet this summer, and while we have no actual Premier League football to focus on, we at least have the transfer window to keep us entertained.

Thankfully for those missing the football, good old Sterling has been keeping us busy with his demands, firstly for money, then for trophies and finally for a new manager and a packet of Lemsip.

According to Sky Sports and their yellow breaking news bar, we can now all breathe a sigh of relief, because Raheem’s man flu is finally over and he has been able to return to training.

Obviously this probably doesn’t mean he will be going on the pre-season tour and definitely doesn’t mean he will be staying at the club, but nonetheless, the internet reacted in style.

That trusty made for Raheem Lemsip worked then…

People seemed a bit bemused at the fact that a person doing their job was a big deal…

When Balotelli is getting more praise than you, it must be bad…

Obviously Sterling had a sick note for Rodgers…

And this, which is hands down the best response ever.