Muhammad Ali’s Daughter Says He Is #TeamPacquiao

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Muhammad Alis Daughter Says He Is #TeamPacquiao kl.

The greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali, has picked his side in the upcoming Mayweather vs Pacquiao superfight.

It’s no great surprise, as it’s well known that the pair are friends, and Ali has been pushing for the fight as much as anybody else has in recent years.

Revealing the news, his daughter, Rasheda, spoke about how her dad is a big fan of Manny Pacquiao.

My dad really likes Manny. He’s a huge fan of his.

He knows Manny’s a great fighter … but it’s more about what he does outside the ring. He’s such a charitable person.

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I personally side with Pacquiao, and now during discussion, I can throw in that the best boxer of all time agrees with me. Tidy.

Unfortunately, Ali won’t be able to attend the fight, but he will be watching on pay-per-view, just like we will be.

Who do you think will win?

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