Pornhub Make Chad Kelly An Offer He Can’t Refuse

By : Joseph LoftusTwitterLogo

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After months of constant rejection, things are finally picking up for the hapless Lothario that is Chad Kelly. 

Unless you’ve been comatosed for the past few days then chances are you heard about how Chad tried, and failed, for the third time to slip his QB self into Mia Khalifa’s DM’s, reports SDS.

You also probably heard how Mia Khalifa went onto publicly shame him for it while also trolling him for Ole Miss’ devastating tight loss to Arkansas on the weekend.

Now I’m no football player but maybe if Chad spent as much time on the field as he does trying to niggle his way into Mia’s messages then maybe, just maybe, Ole Miss wouldn’t have lost this weekend.

Anyway, long story short – the titans of the adult film world, Pornhub, have finally made Chad’s dream come true (sort of) by offering him the once in a lifetime opportunity to date a porn star in the hope that he might learn a few things about talking to women.

Almost like a porn based band-aid, Pornhub Vice President Corey Price sent Kelly the attached email below:

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I doubt Chad will be turning this one down…

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Nope, definitely not.