Read The Sickening WhatsApp Messages From Adam Johnson’s Child Sex Trial

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Read The Sickening WhatsApp Messages From Adam Johnsons Child Sex Trial johnson2PA

Evidence given at the trial of Adam Johnson has revealed he sent a 15-year-old girl a series of seedy messages – one just 30 seconds after receiving a picture of his newborn baby from his girlfriend.

According to the Mirror, Johnson has pleaded guilty to child grooming and one count of sexual activity. However, he denies two counts of sexual activity – involving penetration – with a child.

Details from some of the 834 WhatsApp messages allegedly sent between Johnson and the 15-year-old Sunderland fan who ‘idolised’ him were read out at Bradford Crown Court.

Read The Sickening WhatsApp Messages From Adam Johnsons Child Sex Trial johnsonPA

This makes for pretty grim reading…

Adam Johnson (AJ): “Are you in the last year of school?”

Schoolgirl (SG): “Year 10…will you still send me a signed shirt”

AJ: “Yeh, I will send you one or sign yours. Whatever you prefer”

SG: “Both if you can”

AJ: “Yeh, I can do. Do you want me to sign yours at the game or meet up? Whatever you prefer”

SG: “I don’t mind. Good luck with the city match”

When discussing New Year’s Eve plans on December 31 last year, the teenager told him she was going to a family party, the court heard:

AJ: “Where do you go out to?”

SG: “I’m not old enough to go out”

AJ: “Haha but yeh you look old enough. When you 16?”

SG: “People say that all the time. No-one believes me when I say I’m 15”

She adds that she would be 16 in November.

AJ: “Ages then. LOL”

Read The Sickening WhatsApp Messages From Adam Johnsons Child Sex Trial johnson3PA

The court heard the pair first met up on January 17, when he handed her a signed shirt:

SG: “Thank you”

AJ: “You owe me”

AJ: “I thought I would have got a thank you kiss for the shirt”

AJ: “I will get this thank you, it had better be worth it”

SG: “Ha ha it will be”

AJ: “Confident aren’t you? Am I only getting a kiss?”

SG: “Depends on what else you’re after”

AJ: “I dunno, it depends what you are up for.. a little bit more than a kiss”

SG: “Like?”

AJ: “A bit of feeling. Just see. No pressure. Lol”

AJ: “Keep deleting our convos”

They next met on January 30 when the sexual activity allegedly took place in the car park behind a Chinese takeaway. Afterwards they exchanged more messages:

AJ: “Wasn’t bad, was it?”

AJ: “Think we better go in the back next time.”

AJ: “It was class. Just wanted to get your jeans off”

SG: “Next time haha”

AJ: “I will last 10 seconds tho lol”

The prosecution said just 30 seconds earlier he received a picture from girlfriend Stacey Flounders of their new baby daughter and replied: “She looks class.”

The court then heard how Johnson messaged the girl at 5.22pm on January 30th: AJ: “I’m here now”

Read The Sickening WhatsApp Messages From Adam Johnsons Child Sex Trial johnson4PA

Then, 20 minutes later, he received a message from Stacey, his girlfriend, saying: 

Hey, I’m going to try and not be negative with you and believe you more.

But if you are doing stupid stuff then you need to stop and think about us. It would be a shame to spoilt it now. I really want us to work because we are a family and we now have Ayla.

Johnson did not respond to her message ‘because he was engaged with the girl’ the jury heard.

The trial continues.


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