Ronda Rousey: ‘Fighting A Man Does Seem Plausible At This Point’

By : Alex Bentley |



Ronda Rousey has been making short work of the women’s division of the UFC, winning her last title fight in just 14 seconds, and a lot of people have recently been talking about how she would fare against a male competitor, and she hasn’t ruled it out.

She has been asked about the potential of a mixed-gender fight umpteen times, and both her and the UFC put it to bed by saying it would never be sanctioned. But that isn’t the end of the matter.


Speaking to Sports Illustrated Now, Ronda said:

I think it’s good that it’s even being debated at all because people weren’t even talking about that kind of thing before and so yeah I hear a lot of questions repetitively but I love that we’re reaching a point in women’s athletics where we’re talking about ‘How would a woman compare’ because it does seem extremely plausible at this point.

To be fair, she is probably saying that the concept of a male vs female fight is plausible, and not that she will be taking on Cain Velasquez any time soon. But we imagine she’d be the first in line!

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It seems there is very little this woman can’t do. She even made a surprise appearance at Wrestlemania the other night, and unsurprisingly held her own, Judo tossing Triple H to the ground.

Personally, I think she should fight Tyson Fury. He has been chatting recently about fighting in the UFC… Just imagine how funny it would be to see Ronda get him in an arm bar!

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