Russian Rio 2016 Diver Scores Zero Points For This Disastrous Attempt

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Russian Rio 2016 Diver Scores Zero Points For This Disastrous Attempt dive1Getty

A Russian diver has had the unfortunate accolade of scoring a grand total of zero points for one of her dives. 

Nadezhda Bazhina, performed a spectacular back flop into the pool after she slipped on the board as she attempted a three-and-a-half somersault dive, reports The Independent.

The 28-year-old has won multiple gold medals at several European championships, but was awarded a big fat zero points by the judges after losing her footing as she leapt from the board.

She managed to complete several somersaults as she fell but – it’s fair to say – didn’t exactly nail the finish.

In the aftermath, Nadezhda’s coach could be seen with his head in his hands with the athlete visibly frustrated with her performance, covering her face with a towel and diverting away from the cameras.

Sadly for Nadezhda, it ended her hopes of making the semi-finals despite having four good dives on the board.

But needless to say,  the people of Twitter were far from supportive, with the majority preferring to focus on the Russian team’s current ‘issues’…

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But not everyone was quite so mean:

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Best of luck to Nadezhda, hopefully she’ll be back to her best next time out.


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