Snapchat Pic Of Chad Kelly Allegedly Doing Drugs Leaks

By : Joseph LoftusTwitterLogo

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For the past month or so my life has felt significantly emptier without a classic Chad Kelly scandal on our hands. 

It seems like it’s been forever since the Ole Miss QB tried to slip inside Mia Khalifa’s DM’s or got approached by PornHub – however the good news for Chad is that he’s expected to get drafted into the NFL pretty damn soon – and personally, it can’t come quick enough.

What isn’t so good, however, is that the Niagra Falls native is rumoured to have been caught in a Snapchat photo surrounded by weed which went viral late last night, according to Clarion-Ledger.

The snap, captioned ‘Blunts with Chad Kelly’, not only revealed Chad, purportedly about to smoke a blunt, but also wearing a cap in the most bad-ass way I have ever had the privilege of laying my humble eyes upon.

Look at that cap. Chad defies gravity right there. The cap isn’t even half-secured on his mighty skull yet it remains, still, and in place. Chad is a titan, a demi-God too superior for this world.

Snapchat Pic Of Chad Kelly Allegedly Doing Drugs Leaks 15921UNILAD imageoptim chadkelly34Snapchat

Recently Kelly went under a bat of surgery after agonisingly tearing his ACL but it’s thought he coped well in rehab after the surgery and should be expecting an NFL call up anytime soon.

Mr. Kelly, we salute you.


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