The Pranksters That Pitch Invaded The Tottenham Game Just Released Their Footage

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They’re back again. The lads over at Trollstation have taken their stunts to new heights by pulling off a pitch invasion during Tottenham’s Europa League game again Partizan Belgrade.

The aim of the Pitch Invasion Challenge was to ‘see who lasts longer on the pitch’ with the three participants being Nathan, Gomesz and Jarvo.

Nathan went first and absolutely smashed it, covering more ground than Soldado did the whole game and also exposing some huge flaws in the Spurs security team.

The other two weren’t so glorious, but maybe they’ll get another chance to impress if they pull off this stunt at another stadium:

They’re currently getting quite a bit of hate on Twitter for the stunt, mainly from Spurs fans, but what do you think?