Why The Leaked Topless Video Of Helen Skelton Should Be Deleted

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The Internet is a weird, weird place and that’s no secret to anybody. But this story is very fucked up even by the Internet’s standards.

BBC Sports Presenter, Helen Skelton, who has been making numerous headlines recently for her clothing choices while commentating on the Rio Olympic Games, has just been subject to a suspected nude leak.

That’s the first weird thing.

A topless video of her, reportedly taken back in 2001 while she was on holiday in France, has began to circulate online in numerous forums and porn sites.

The video was taken without her permission and the camera work focuses pretty heavily on one specific part of her body – I’ll leave it to you to guess which part that is. So surely this clip should be deleted asap from some pretty mainstream porn sites.

The second peculiar thing is that numerous news outlets have described her as looking fantastic in the short clip, rather than commenting on the fact that somebody out there has leaked these videos while she’s away in Rio.

However the most disturbing thing is that if the video was indeed recorded in 2001, Helen Skelton would’ve been 17-years-old, making it essentially child pornography. Something numerous newspapers have acknowledged yet not condemned and something which seems to have slipped past the censors on copious mainstream porn sites…

Oh and as if that wasn’t enough reason for the video to be removed, one of her friends spoke to the Daily Star about the issue saying:

Helen was on holiday in France. She was enjoying her holiday and relaxing in the sun. She had no idea she was being filmed, so this leak will be quite a shock for her. This is a complete nightmare for Helen. She is really keen to be taken seriously as a presenter.

Well that’s more than enough Internet for me today…