The World Cup That Could Cost Thousands Of Lives And Fifa’s Cover Up

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The World Cup That Could Cost Thousands Of Lives And Fifas Cover Up migrant qatar 012Photograph: Pete Pattisson

Journalists from Germany’s biggest television networks were reportedly detained, questioned and not allowed to leave Qatar for days. Whilst working on a story about FIFA President Sepp Blatter and Doha’s contentious nomination for the 2022 football World Cup.

The documentary titled ‘The Selling of Football – Sepp Blatter and the Power of FIFA’ which aired on Monday night was a joint collaboration by German public broadcasting networks, ARD and WDR. Reports emerged that during filming, several journalists and members of the film crews for the networks were arrested and detained by Qatari officials for several days. Some of their footage is said to have been erased, and equipment was allegedly destroyed.

The story was corroborated by ADR reporter Florian Bauer on his Twitter account.

The documentary shows the deplorable conditions migrant workers are exposed to in order for Qatar to have its Football stadiums ready. In December 2014 Russia Today reported that ‘Qatar’s World Cup migrant workers ‘died at rate of 1 every 2 days’ in 2014’ It is estimated 400 Nepalese workers have died at building sites since construction for the World Cup 2022 got underway in 2010.

The World Cup That Could Cost Thousands Of Lives And Fifas Cover Up germany reporters detained Reuters / Mohammed Dabbous

Both Qatar and FIFA have faced heavy criticism from human rights activists since the Gulf state was selected to host 2022 World Cup. However Fifa continue to turn a blind eye. With all this being pretty much ignored in the world of football, it’s not surprising Fifa and Qatar are happy to focus the narrative on hosting the World Cup in December.

The documentary also investigates the corruption within Fifa, although the world’s football governing body claim to be a charity, last year they pulled in more than $2 billion in revenue. Not bad for a charity, I wonder where all that money went.