Xabi Alonso Proves He’s The Classiest Guy In Football Yet Again

By : Marley AndersonTwitterLogo

Xabi Alonso Proves Hes The Classiest Guy In Football Yet Again Alonso GettyGetty

If you know football, you’ll know it’s fucking impossible to hate Xabi Alonso.

It’d be genuinely easier to kick a kitten in the face than hate the Spaniard, and Real Madrid have released a video to their YouTube account which pretty much confirms it.

Alonso was playing for Bayern Munich as they took on his former employers Real Madrid in a pre season friendly, and it gave the former Liverpool midfielder a chance to reunite with his former team mates before the game.

They all pile through the door and instantly embrace the 33-year-old when they see him, and a bromance-tastic love fest ensues.

Check it out: 

Classy bastard.

My personal favourite is the fifth guy in the video, who reaches out to Xabi before being inadvertently pied off by the midfielder.

Meanwhile, Martin Odegaard looks like a schoolkid waiting to meet a celebrity for the first time, and the moment with Luka Modric reunites one of the finest midfield partnerships of the last decade.

Stay classy, Xabi, everyone loves you.