Google Is Recording What You Say, Here’s How To Delete The Files

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Google may be recording more than just your porn preference and could even have cringe-worthy audio recordings of everything you’ve ever said around it and its products.

The search-engine giant has reportedly been recording our conversations for years, using a feature which allows people to search the web using just their voices.


The company then stores these recordings to improve their software language recognition tools and the results it brings up, The Independent report.

You can even listen through the recordings, see how the sound was recorded and even read through handy transcripts of your most intimate forgotten conversations.

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If you’re weirded out by there being recordings of you which you didn’t even know existed then don’t worry, they’re very easy to delete using Google’s history page.

All you have to do is head over to Google’s audio history page find the recordings and click the check box on the left, then move to the top of the page and click ‘delete’.


Or to get rid of all those potentially embarrassing conversations in one fell swoop, you can press the ‘More’ button, select ‘Delete options’ and then ‘Advanced’ and click through.

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The easiest way to stop Google recording everything is to turn off the virtual assistant and never use voice search, although you’ll be denying yourself access to some of Google’s coolest features.

Google introduced its audio portal back in June 2015, so unless you switched off the ‘Voice & Audio Activity’ in your settings then the company probably has an extensive back catalogue of your private conversations.

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The recordings are kind of like a creepy diary kept by a a stalker you didn’t even realise you had and are a powerful reminder of the amount of information that’s being collected about you.

Apple users rejoice though as it turns out that even Google’s other devices like the Android phone store all your audio requests as well, unfortunately though if you’ve used Google the chances of you being recorded are pretty high.


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