High Tech New Ink Could Spell The End Of Permanent Tattoos

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A game changing new product could spell the end of those drunk tattoo regrets in Magaluf, as a start-up company have created a high tech new ink which could spell the end of permanent tattoos.

A tattoo, they so often tell us, is for life – and, for many, that’s part of the appeal of body ink.

However, Ephemeral Tattoos – a new company developed by five New York University students – promise a handy solution for if you change your mind about having your ex’s name tattooed on your arse.

The company have actually developed a new erasable ink which is designed to break down and disappear after roughly a year.

According to Tech Insider, traditional tattoo ink is permanent because the human body can’t break down the large pigments that are injected into the skin. Ephemeral’s version is made up of smaller dye molecules inside a sphere of biomaterials which the body’s immune season can break down more easily over time.

On top of this, the company have also developed a second option, which would combat traditional permanent ink – a removal solution, which a tattoo artist can use to trace over the tattoo and make it go away even sooner, news.com.au reports.

Both solutions sound a hell of a lot more bearable than current tattoo removal methods, such as laser removal, which we probably don’t need to tell you fucking hurts since it’s essentially burning the ink out of your skin. It doesn’t come cheap either.

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Speaking to Allure, Ephemeral CEO and co-founder Seung Shin explained the idea was born out of getting some bad ink himself:

Ephemeral was born from a personal experience. I got a tattoo when I was in college, and my parents were really against it. So they kind of forced me to get it removed. I had one [laser removal] session. After seeing the results of it, I just never went back.

Joshua Sakhai, Ephemeral’s COO, adds that the company started working on the ink in August 2014 and have since gone through ‘countless iterations’ to perfect the product, including various tests on ‘living organisms’.

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On the Ephemeral tattoo site, a short blurb adds:

Tattoos have become the icon of self-expression and body art. However, even though tattoo popularity has explosively grown, there are still millions of people that aren’t getting tattoos because they demand a lifetime commitment.

It’s a fascinating development and means the future of tattoos and tattoo removal could no longer be an expensive and painful process. But, then again, isn’t the permanent nature of tattoos part of the fun?


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