Kim Kardashian’s Infamous Assets Just Got Their Own Emojis

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Kim Kardashian, that woman that everyone’s always going on about (including us, soz), has gone and done something new.

This time the new thing she’s done is release her very own emoji range – Kimojis, obvs – because who doesn’t want to greet their significant other online with a picture of Kim’s arse.


A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Christmas really has come early, as we lucky people are treated to a range of Kim-centric emojis, including but not limited to: Kim sticking her middle finger up, Kim having a little cry, preggers Kim, Kim taking a selfie and Kim saying the word ‘vibes’.


Check out these teaser images, if you want:

There are also some sexually suggestive Kimojis, so get ready to raise your sexting game to peak-Kardashian, ‘cos shits about to get a bit explicit.

Ok! We're back! Everything is fixed! I'm so sorry guys! Thank you for being patient. Get KIMOJI now in the App Store!

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Merry Christm-ass everyone!