Man Buys Beaten Up Bus Transforms It Into Incredible Motor Home

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bus 2Christopher Stoll - Imgur

A couple who were worried about being able to buy their own house have finally managed to purchase their own home – by renovating an old church bus into an incredible RV apartment.

bus 1Christopher Stoll - Imgur

When Christopher Stoll and his girlfriend Tori spotted an ad on a Texas Craigslist page, for a beaten up 1988 church bus they swooped in and bought it for a cool $1,000 – the couple  then spent $10,000 transforming it into an amazing place to live.

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When the couple first bought the bus, they found it was full of rust, a few birds’ nests and perhaps most shockingly the engine hadn’t been started in months.

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But despite it being in a pretty poor state, Mr Stoll drew up a rough blueprint and girlfriend started stripping the interior of the bus of its seats and flooring.

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Meanwhile he began work on the engine, changing the filters and rebuilding the transmission, which proved to be the biggest expense at $3,500.

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The bus was then wired for electricity and plumbing installed and once that was completed the couple began to work on the interior.

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They also installed solar power panels, before building a bed frame, which even has space for storage.

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The incredible RV has a mini fridge, proper cupboards and a place for them to relax.

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Now the couple plan to hit the road and travel across America while working on their art.

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Mr Stoll wrote on his Imgur blog:

We live on the bus full time now, and travel the country together.

We don’t have a lot of money, and so the bus acts as our home and mobile studio.

I make a living doing concept art and illustration online, no room for professional tablets so I draw everything on my ipad and Tori does the editing!