Mark Zuckerberg Has Signed A ‘Death Warrant’ On Smartphones

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Mark Zuckerberg may have signed the death warrant on smartphones with a new version of Facebook that doesn’t rely on a phone, tablet or even a screen.

At Facebook F8 keynote Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook’s brand new Camera Effects platform will allow developers to create amazing new augmented reality apps which could potentially do away with phones all together.

Business Insider claim that Zuckerberg has been annoyed for some time now that Facebook doesn’t have a smartphone operating system of its own and this is his company’s attempt at going into direct competition with Google and Apple.

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Should Zuckerberg’s dreams be realised however, it won’t just be Apple and Google who are concerned this technology has the power to alter the entire tech industry forever by getting rid of screens and digitising physical platforms.

In his vision of the future we won’t be sitting, staring at our phones instead of talking to people, instead we’ll be wearing sleek glasses which will project a digital version of our phone onto whatever surface we want.

And it doesn’t stop at phones. It could be very possible to throw away your TV and simply watch your favourite telly programme or film using just the glasses. This could also be applied to smartwatches, tablets, fitness trackers, or anything else that has a screen.

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Don’t go thinking this is going to happen overnight though, Zuzkerberg’s very aware that a significant sum of money is involved in the production of smartphones, TVs and tablets and that industry can’t disappear overnight.

That said though, get used to the idea of a screen-less world because it’s coming.


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