These 10 Apps Are Killing Your Battery – Android Edition

By : Tomi Adebayo |


Screen Shot 2016 07 28 at 18.30.32AVG Trends Report

Social media and chatting apps were found to be the main culprits when it comes to apps that are draining your battery from when you boot up your phone.

It’s no surprise that the top ten apps found to be the main killers were apps that rely on data. Any app that requires a constant connection to the internet will drain your battery in the process as well as your data allowance.

Facebook and Google Maps Top The Battery Draining League

A research conducted by AVG found that these apps are the ones to be blamed for your battery woes. You can either disable them when not in use or just uninstall them if they aren’t important to you.

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The reason why Facebook app drains your battery and came up as number one is because it starts up automatically in the background.

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Google Maps took the second place because we are ditching standalone Sat Nav gadgets and using our phones to go from one place to another. Downloading your maps directly to your phone instead of using the live version can save data and battery life too.

In case you’re wondering where Snapchat is on the battery draining apps table, it comes up high on the apps run by users. The ones in this article are all about the apps that run as soon as you power your phone and they usually remain in the background.


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