These New Robot Sex Dolls Have Some Creepily Lifelike Features

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These New Robot Sex Dolls Have Some Creepily Lifelike Features Sexdoll1Instagram RealDoll

A key feature of sex dolls that I thought would always give them away is that though they look real, they’re still inanimate and silent (but then again so is my boyfriend on a good day).

Well RealDoll, the experts in love dolls, have solved this, and the CEO Matt McMullen revealed to the Daily Star all the kinky and scarily realistic features of their dolls.

The interchangeable body parts are ideal for those of you who want ass one day and boobs another, or if you can’t choose between an A cup and a DD.

The new erotic cyborgs will breathe, have a pulse, smile, chat and talk dirty to all you lonely souls out there.

These New Robot Sex Dolls Have Some Creepily Lifelike Features Sexdoll2Instagram RealDoll

If you find the French accent particularly sexy (or the Essex if you’re a maverick), these advanced dolls will speak with an accent of your choice.

I would definitely try and get Yoda’s voice. Imagine him saying ‘Oh yeah baby, fuck me harder’. Ha.

Anyway, the very intelligent toys will also have a personality and be warm to the touch so you really can turn up the heat.

Want your sex doll to be in a dismissive yet playful mood? There’s an app for that!

Users will be able to control their lovers moods and personalities using a cloud based app called The Realbotix project.

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In a creepily controlled way, you can choose whether the robot should tease you, but there is also a way to bypass the tease for you impatient artificial intimacy lovers.

Matt said:

It’s all about the little things.

What I want most is to see her smile, and when she ‘feels’ sad, she should look sad.

We have gone through three versions of the robotic head and every time we discover things we want to include in the next version.

And I’m pretty happy to say we are getting close to the first release.

We are hoping to have one ready by the end of 2017.

Here’s a video of the man himself:

With the robot able to remember things about you, text you while you’re at work, and remind you to get milk on your way home, this new technology sounds like it will change how users function with real people.

In the same way that viewing porn rewires the brain and alters human intimacy, if dolls can tease you, chat with you and text you, but there is also an off switch and a control panel on your Iphone, could it also alter real communication and relationships?

McMullen insists that these AI sex dolls can be compared to the use of a vibrator on a woman, but this neglects the many other aspects of intimacy that the doll fulfills.

These New Robot Sex Dolls Have Some Creepily Lifelike Features Sexdoll3

A personality, conversation, kissing, and memory make for a much more intimate relationship which echoes the deep sentiments in the film Her.

With the hope that the doll will soon be able to ‘love you back’, it seems that Matt is wanting to simulate a lot more than a steamy session.