Woman Savagely Hacks Her Cheating Husband’s Tinder Profile

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tinder Woman Savagely Hacks Her Cheating Husbands Tinder ProfileReddit

This guy got caught cheating on Tinder, and his wife (soon to be ex) ripped him to shreds by overhauling his Tinder profile.

The unfaithful father of two, Mike, who deserves every piece of hate mail he hopefully receives, left his phone unlocked, as reported by the Daily Dot.


Now Mike, who we’ve found out has a “tiny dick that is sti infected”, has no ruined his current relationship, but also any future sexual activity.

…Don’t worry Mike. If you say you’re celibate, it sounds like a choice.


%name Woman Savagely Hacks Her Cheating Husbands Tinder ProfileReddir

The Reddit community have burned him to a crisp, likening him to a thumb and fat potato.


Mike’s wife found his phone and began a conversation with one of his love interests at the same time as leaving.

At least she went out with a bang!


The Daily Dot