A Very Controversial Reality TV Show Is Coming To The UK

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A Very Controversial Reality TV Show Is Coming To The UK irobot 2Fizz

Do you fuck on the first date? Because if so we may have found the first date show for you. 

Forget First Dates and The Undateables, a beyond controversial Italian hit reality show called Undressed, which is as raunchy as you’re probably imagining, is coming to the UK this summer.

What does the show consist of? It’s pretty self-explanatory. Essentially, two strangers strip each other off before they’ve really had time for introductions, and then hop into bed with each other for half an hour. Imagine if First Dates was a porno.

A Very Controversial Reality TV Show Is Coming To The UK strip 1Discovery

According to The Independent, once the stripees (not an actual word, I know) are in their undies and under the covers, they talk and ‘do whatever’ for 30 minutes.

Now, using the words ‘do whatever’ about a show like the Antiques Roadshow or The Chase would not raise my eyebrow, or anybodies eyebrow for that matter, but this is a show about getting semi-nude and into bed with a stranger, so what the fuck does ‘do whatever’ constitute?

A Very Controversial Reality TV Show Is Coming To The UK stripDiscovery

The participants are also given instructions from a large screen which they are supposed to follow before pressing a yes or no button about whether they’d like to stay in bed with one another.

The production company behind the show, Fizz, said that getting contestants out of their clothes helps to ‘accelerate intimacy’ and explores the ‘accepted rules of attraction’.

Check out this clip from the Italian version of the show. It’s funny. Though I can only speak a handful of Italian words, the immediate awkwardness goes well above the barrier of language and it is all very clear to understand… 

The executive producer of Fizz, Peter Usher, said:

Devised by our colleagues at Magnolia Italy, Undressed is a brilliant format that poses an intriguing question: by experiencing instant intimacy, can two strangers fall in love in a matter of moments? We can’t wait to share this adventure with the TLC audience.

The controversial new series will be showing this summer on TLC in the UK and Ireland.


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