Dermot O’Leary Just Became TV’s Highest Paid UK Presenter

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Dermot O’Leary has just signed a whopping deal to return to The X Factor, making him the highest paid solo TV presenter in the UK.

Ready to feel terrible about your yearly income? O’Leary landed an £8 million deal to host the singing ‘talent’ show.


The TV presenter – who returns to the show this year after being replaced by Olly Murs and Caroline Flack – will become the highest paid host in the UK with the new four year gig, according to reports.

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Speaking to the Mirror, Simon Cowell recently admitted that both he and O’Leary were to blame for his departure.

He said:

I think there was probably a misunderstanding. I thought he wanted to go and he probably thought I wanted him to leave. Neither of us, being stubborn, spoke to each other and then we realised that we miss him.

And now that he’s back, O’Leary is making the comebacks of all comebacks – with a contract of a lifetime to boot.


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A source told The Sun:

It’s completely unheard of for one presenter to be paid £8million to host one show.

There hasn’t been a deal like it since Jonathan Ross was getting millions a year from the BBC to host his chat show.

The four year deal will also mean the 43-year-old can continue working for BBC TV and Radio 2. So just in case that £8m isn’t enough, he can still make a shit ton of money on top of that – which is an additional £1m a year just from the BBC, according to The Sun.

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And Dermot isn’t the only returning face this year.

The judging panel is full of former X Factor judges with Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh all on the panel.


The X Factor starts in August on ITV.