Disturbing New Details Emerge About ‘Making A Murderer’ Prosecutor Ken Kratz

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Disturbing New Details Emerge About Making A Murderer Prosecutor Ken Kratz making a murderers ken kratzs creepy sexual harassment texts revealedNetflix

Some disturbing accusations have emerged about Making A Murderer prosecutor Ken Kratz.

If you watch the show, you’ll know that Kratz had a host of sexual misconduct charges that were levelled against him, two years after the court cases against Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey featured on the Netflix series.

But thanks to recently released information in a 143-page document, we can see that the truth was a lot more disturbing than we originally thought.

The Wisconsin prosecutor, who convicted Avery, bragged about his role in the case to impress women he wanted to date and was accused of abusing his official position to coerce women into sexual conversations and acts multiple times, Newsweek reports.

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He was also involved in a sexting scandal where he had written to a 26-year-old domestic violence victim whose ex-boyfriend he was prosecuting.

These accusations led to Kratz resigning from his position in 2010, but no charges were ever actually brought against him.

The details of the allegations were initially kept under lock in a 143-page case file kept by the Wisconsin Department of Justice during its 2010 investigation of Kratz – until now.

And Kathleen Zellner, the defense attorney working to free Avery, says the allegations cast doubt on Steven Avery’s conviction.

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The new documents shed new light on Kratz’s accusations – along with the steps investigators took to make sure he couldn’t destroy evidence once he found out he was being investigated.

In 2010, Kratz apparently responded to a 27-year-old woman’s Craigslist texting her, ‘I will treat you nice,’ and added, ‘Do you know who I am, I am Kenneth Kratz the guy who prosecuted Steven Avery.’

Two other women told investigators that Kratz also brought up the Avery case when he tried to bed them.

In 2009, Kratz called a woman ‘out of the blue’ that he prosecuted for shoplifting in 2006. After leaving $75 for her after his threats scared her into performing oral sex on him, he called and texted her ’50 or 60 times’.

When she ignored him, Kratz left messages saying ‘if she did not contact him back, she would hear from him. He told her he knew everything about her, and there would be repercussions.’

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And remember the infamous sweaty Avery remark Kratz made during a press conference when he was describing how Avery allegedly raped Theresa Halbach?

Avery’s defence attorney, Zellner, told Newsweek:

They dismissed the sexual assault charges against Avery, and there was absolutely no proof of it.

When you see a fabrication of reality such as what was done in that press conference, you wonder where those ideas come from [and] what would motivate someone to make up such a graphic scenario.

These are disgusting allegations for a man that has imprisoned someone on the basis of murder and rape. As if he wasn’t already enough of a slimeball.