Emilia Clarke Watched That Game Of Thrones Nude Scene With Her Parents

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Emilia Clarke Watched That Game Of Thrones Nude Scene With Her Parents emilia clarke FBYouTube/HBO

We’ve all been there – the embarrassing moment you’re watching a TV show or film with your parents and a nude/sex scene pops up on the screen.

That’s bad enough – but imagine if you were actually the nude actor in that very scene.


Well, that’s precisely the dilemma Emilia Clarke had when watching the new series of Game of Thrones with her folks.

Apparently, her parents were a little bit concerned at the start of season six because their daughter wasn’t in the early episodes as much as they may have liked. So Emilia encouraged them to watch episode 4 which, as she quickly notes, ‘in hindsight, might not have been the episode to choose’.


If you’re up to date on the new season of the show, you’ll know precisely the scene she’s referring to. We won’t mention any spoilers here but, let’s just say, it features boobs.

Still, as awkward as watching that scene with her mum and dad might have been, at least Clarke recounts her embarrassment at the family viewing in her usual delightful way.

She does get distracted at one point though – when Matt le Blanc uses his famous Friends catchphrase on her.

To be fair, we’d probably start giggling uncontrollably too if Joey asking how we were doing…