Here Are The Most Controversial Reasons People Have Left Big Brother

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For better or worse, Big Brother is back for another series.

And, like always, there’s too much drama to handle. This season’s dramatic highlight? Andrew Tate being thrown out of the house for the alleged surfacing of a BDSM video starring him, a blonde, and a whip.

Big Brother has a history of kicking people off the show though and this isn’t the first time a housemate has gotten the boot for ‘irresponsible behaviour,’ either inside or outside of the house.

After Andrew Tate’s booting, here’s 13 other shocking housemates who got ejected from the show:

Nick Bateman – Big Brother 1

Crime: Cheating

Probably the most simple reason to be kicked out of the house, Bateman was booted for just writing down names of people who maybe should be nominated. Unfortunately, that’s considered cheating according to Big Brother, and he was unceremoniously kicked out and dubbed ‘Nasty Nick’.

Kitten Pinder – Big Brother 5

Crime: Constantly breaking rules

Kitten, a political activist, tried to bring a bit of anarchy to the house, and it worked. A bad girl from the start, she refused to play along with Big Brother’s games and encouraged others to move the alcohol fridge and paint mirrors.

Why? Who the hell knows. But with three strikes against her, Big Brother called for a surprise eviction and booted her out. Kitten being the rebel that she is, refused to leave. The housemates all backed her up too until the prize fund started counting down, and then they pretty much pushed her out of the front door.

Emma Greenwood – Big Brother 5

Crime: Fighting

Big Brother Fight Night has become notorious. Emma and fellow housemate Michelle sparked one of the fiercest fights we’ve ever seen, featuring tears, pushing, shoving, and lots and lots of shouting. Emma eventually sat in the Bedsit for three days and in the end was booted out for good.

Dawn Blake – Big Brother 7

Crime: Getting messages from the outside world

We’re still not sure if Dawn walked out on her own or was forced out of the house, but she apparently left for receiving a coded message from the outside world to tell her she wasn’t coming across well.

It got so bad that, after leaving the house, Dawn went on actual hunger strike to force BB to hand over unedited footage, claiming that she had been forced to stay in the house against her will. She also complained to Ofcom about the show, Digital Spy reports. Insane.

Emily Parr – Big Brother 8

Crime: Using racist language

Unfortunately for Emily – who had the potential to be a pretty great housemate – she idiotically used an extremely racist term. When housemate Charley said she looked pregnant, Emily responded with: “Are you pushing it out, you n***er?”

Obviously, the housemates and the viewers were shocked, resulting in Big Brother pulling her straight into the Diary Room and evicting her in her pajamas.

Alexandra De-Gale – Big Brother 9

Crime: Threatening people

She was only in the BB house for a short time but, boy, did she make her presence known. She threatened other housemates with her ‘strong team outside the house’ and her ‘gangster friends’ (adding in ‘pow pow pow’), and Big Brother thought that was certainly enough to throw her out of the house, given that she was pretty much threatening to beat up/kill her housemates.

Dennis McHugh – Big Brother 9

Crime: Spitting in a housemate’s face

A less serious crime but one nonetheless. Widely dubbed Fight Night 2 by BB fans, the house divided after housemate Rex smudged fellow contestant Jen’s painting. Before long, war broke out, and it came to a serious climax when Dennis spat in fellow housemate Mohamed’s face – leaving him in tears.

Dennis was swiftly removed by BB, leaving his in-house former housemates and friends in hysterics, and vowing that they would get their revenge that night as Mohamed was facing eviction. And justice was indeed served.

Daley Ojuederie – Big Brother 14

Crime: Threatening and aggressive behaviour

Big Brother was quiet in terms of ejection between Big Brother 10 and 13, but that wouldn’t last as soon as BB 14 rolled around.

It started off with a bit of tomfoolery between Daley Ojuederie and Hazel O’Sullivan – ironically in the ‘Safe House’ – which went way to far when, what seemed like fooling around, turned into Daley clasping Hazel by the throat and saying: “Have some respect for your fucking elder, because if you don’t, I’ll finish you” and, “Don’t fuck with me, do you understand? Before I nut you one.”

The footage even got Channel 5 in trouble with Ofcom, Digital Spy reports. Obviously, it also got Daley kicked out.

Aaron Few – Big Brother 16

Crime: Inappropriate behaviour

Aaron was swiftly booted from last year’s Big Brother after he flashed his fellow housemate Joel despite his pleas to stop.

According to a statement by Channel 5, Aaron was ‘being rowdy’ and ‘often naked’ – and while we’ve all had one too many and probably acted the same, most of us know when to stop. Aaron, however, didn’t. And it left his housemate upset. BB had no choice but to kick Aaron out of the house.

Andrew Tate – Big Brother 17

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Crime: ‘Something’ outside of the house

The latest addition to the most shocking evictions is none other than Andrew Tate. The kickboxer left the house this week when ‘new information’ came to light.

While it was previously speculated that a string of racist and homophobic tweets from 2012 may have been the reason for Tate’s removal, Channel 5 denied that they had anything to do with his exit. Now it’s being suggested by Tate himself that it was because The Sun dug up a video of him hitting a woman with a belt. He says it was consensual, but he was kicked out anyway.

Jeremy Jackson – Celebrity Big Brother 15

Crime: Inappropriate behaviour

This caused huge controversy among viewers. Jeremy divided BB fans when he drunkenly opened Chloe Goodman’s dressing gown, exposing her breasts. And all while she was helping him be sick after one too many drinks. While Jamie seemed genuinely remorseful in the eviction chair, his actions were past acceptable and he had to go.

Ken Morely – Celebrity Big Brother 15

Crime: Racist and sexist language

Just two days after Jeremy was kicked off, Ken was sent packing. After being warned for using racist language and making sexually suggestive comments to female housemates, the Coronation Street star was booted from the house. And apparently it was the final straw when he used the N-word again.

Tila Tequila – Celebrity Big Brother 16

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Crime: Supporting Hitler on Twitter

In a pretty shocking revelation, Tila Tequila was booted out of the house for tweeting support to Nazi leader Hitler before the show. You’d think producers would investigate their potential contestants’ social media activity before they enter the house, but apparently not. First Tila Tequila, then Andrew Tate.

But we can’t say that Tila’s boot was unjustified – given that she dressed up in a Nazi outfit, described Hitler as a ‘brilliant artist’ and said she was Adolf Hitler reincarnated. It’s a good thing she was kicked out of Big Brother.


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