Here’s How Much Chandler And Monica’s Apartment In Friends Really Costs

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Throughout the 90’s and early noughties we grew up watching Friends, with the confines of Monica and Chandler’s flashy apartment bringing us many a classic TV moment. 

We’ve probably all dreamed about living in that crib, right in the middle of a cool New York neighbourhood and hanging out with a bunch of mates, but you might want to put those dreams on hold… at least until you win the lottery or something.

It might have seemed possible for us mere mortals to live somewhere like that, but it appears Monica and Chandler were on much more dollar than we could ever imagine to actually afford a place like that.

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According to a property listing published by Which? Mortgage Advisers, we wouldn’t be able to afford the real-life equivalent anytime soon.

They priced up their two bedroom, open plan apartment in Greenwich Village complete with roof terrace looking over the Manhattan skyline and it’d set you back a staggering $4 million (£3.08m).

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To put that into perspective, you’d have to put down at least a 10 per cent deposit of $400,000 (£308,000).

And considering the average salary of a Manhattan resident is still reasonably high, standing at $78,000 (£60,000), that would still be 50 times more than their yearly pay packet.

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Better get saving then!


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