Holly Willoughby Reviewed Sex Toys On Live TV And Viewers Couldn’t Cope

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Nowadays, it doesn’t take too much to get Holly and Phil reeling over in hysterical ecstasy, so when the dirty minded duo were asked to review sex toys on This Morning, it really isn’t hard to see what got them so giggly. 

Despite the fact they tried to stay incredibly serious at the start of the review, when Holly Willoughby were casually chatting about the rise in sex toy users – at 11am in the morning, as you do – she ‘accidentally’ dropped one bombshell of a naughty innuendo, which single-handedly dismantled any dabble of seriousness in the entirety of the remainder of the review to come.

Talking with ‘sexpert’ Tracey Cox about the rise in those who own a sex toy, Holly said: ‘This has gone up, hasn’t it?’.

Holly Willoughby Reviewed Sex Toys On Live TV And Viewers Couldnt Cope This MorningITV

And that’s literally all it took to get good ol’ Phil Schofield doubled over on the couch in a fit of hysterics, as Holly realised what she’d just said.

The pair managed to pull themselves together just as Tracey went on to explain the ways the toys gave the users pleasure in this absolute recipe for disaster.

The presenters then discussed Good Housekeeping‘s newly crowned world’s best vibrator – Lovehoney’s Desire Clitoral Vibrator. I gotta get me one of those…

And, as you can probably imagine, Phil was not alone in his fit of hysterics, as viewers everywhere also found the blip to be beyond hilarious:

But there’s two sides to every story, and a lot of people failed to see the funny side. Cue the outrage:

Others were simply left horrified:

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