I’m A Celebrity Star’s Sex Tape Leaked Online

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Just a matter of hours after he was named as one of the many nobodies to be flown out into the jungle for this year’s return of the now mindbogglingly dull, I’m a Celebrity, Joel Dommett has now been caught out in a leaked Skype sex tape.

Now I know what you’re wondering. Who the fuck is Joel Dommett and who the fuck watches I’m A Celebrity? Well apparently Joel is a comedian who made an appearance on the depressingly shit British rendition of Impractical Jokers. I’m warning you – don’t even watch it just to see how shite it is, it’s not even mildly amusing for Christ sake.

As for I’m A Celebrity, well – I don’t know who watches it. I also don’t know why they can keep calling it I’m A ‘Celebrity’ when the only celebrities on the show this year are Larry Lamb and Carol Vorderman, reports The Sun.

Speaking about the Skype sex tape, apparently the old burden leaked a matter of years ago when strangely, Joel was even less of a nobody than he is now.

The series of gifs which spread like wildfire revealed Joel revealing all as he sits close to laptop wanking his blue veined sausage like there’s no tomorrow.

In one of them, the old boy looks like he’s in a considerable amount of pain which isn’t great.

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To be fair to Joel, he opened up about the leakage pretty honestly, telling the BBC that he was tricked into filming himself masturbate by someone who claimed to be a girl who was interested in him.

He added: “I thought for a second, then immediately typed… ‘Why not?!’”. But it wasn’t to be, as the person on the other side of the webcam was recording him.

He said:

I messaged her afterwards. No reply. I messaged her the next day.No reply. I messaged her a week later. No reply.

So it turns out I wasn’t having Skype sex at all, instead someone was basically watching me watching porn. Like a perverted Goggle Box.

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I’m A Celebrity returns this Sunday at 9pm…